Eden Oasis
Architecture & Interior / Private House


基地位於台灣台南市的單身住宅。 它位於高速公路附近,是忙碌的客戶的未來之家。 它以對比鮮明的黑白立方體延續了極簡主義的主題,營造出輕微的懸浮效果。該物業的低密度入口使自然景觀的種植成為生活的一部分。 光線進入空間,使用U型玻璃作為立面的屏障增加透視感,讓室內外空間的感覺增添了隱私感。隨著時間的流逝,車主可以直接感受到光線的不同,提醒我們珍惜當下的美麗。大量不反光的裝飾材料讓光影留在空間中,而不會造成人造光源的隨機散射。從住所內可以看到三百六十度的風景。您可以真正享受“森林”中的家的想法。考慮到氣候和生態環境的適應性,利用當地物種創造了一層綠化。減少對過量碳排放的需求。


This is a single residence located in the southern city of Tainan in Taiwan. It is located close to the highway and is the future home for a busy client. It continues the theme of minimalism with contrasting black and white cubes that create a minor suspension effect. The low-density entrance of the property allows the natural landscape planting to become a part of life. The light enters the space and adds perspective using U-shaped glass as a barrier to the facade, so that indoor and outdoor feelings about space add a sense of privacy. As time goes by, the owners can directly feel the difference of light, reminding us to cherish the beauty of the moment. A large number of non-reflective decorative materials allow light and shadow to stay in the space without causing random scattering artificial light sources. There is a 360-degree view from within the residence. You get to truly enjoy the idea of a home within a forest. Local species were used to create a layer of greenery, taking into account the adaptability of climate and ecological environment. Reducing the need for excess carbon emissions.