Greenlight Manor
Architecture & Interior / Private house




As with all city dwellings, there is a lack of nature and harmony which has been remedied in this design. The building base is facing the west, so as to not be tested by the extremely hot weather in the south of Taiwan. Hot weather does not make for a comfortable living environment which is why it’s effect has been diminished. The design philosophy uses the basic teachings of modernism from the 1960s, and the large amount of greenery is akin to a forest in the city. The unobstructed view allows for an impressive view of the city while the projected shadows demonstrate the natural passage of time. The facade of the building utilizes a cantilever beam-column system with a sun-shaded aluminum plate for deeper light and a richness of space. We try to make the building look light and modern, and hope to reshape the traditional perception of Asian people, that luxury is more important than a feeling of wellness and contentment.