THE PLAN AWARD 2021 Shortlist

We received exciting news this morning. Our projects were shortlisted in the Office&Business, Housing and Interior category for 2021. You can check the project pictures out on the post. We'd really appreciate it if you register to support the project

今天早上我們收到了令人振奮的消息。我們的三項作品分別入圍了The Plan Award 2021 的辦公建築類< Biosphere>、住宅類< Habitat 29>及室內類別< Anti Chamber>,您可以在網站中查看作品。也可以參與公眾投票部分。進入連結,選擇您心中最喜歡的作品,點擊GOOD LUCK按鈕,填寫資料就算投票完成。


Biosphere | The Plan
Habitat 29 | The Plan
Anti Chamber | The Plan