Novita_Best-in-Class Year for Architecture and Design Firm Chain10

Thanks novita to highlight Chain10’ stellar year of awards. Our company’s relationship with the green environment, architecture and interior space are present in all projects.
At Chain 10, our mission is to provide professional environment so when employees are treated well and love what they do, they will usually produce better quality work.
It’s essential for employees to feel like they are a part of company. When they see themselves in posts, or they see something they want to reshare, they feel like they belong. they will be happier and more satisfied.

謝謝 novita 報導關於事務所的傑出獎項。 事務所強調將綠環境、建築與室內空間的關係融入至所有作品中。在Chain 10,讓成員們感覺自己是公司的一部分至關重要。我們提供完善專業的環境,因此當成員們受到良好的待遇並熱愛他們的工作時,他們通常會產生更好的工作質量。很開心的能夠與一群熱誠的年輕人共事。