Infinity Realm
Times Square. NY 紐約時代廣場
Exhibition Installation / Design Pavilion

INFINTY REALM world premiere in Tainan

2022年美國紐約Archtober「建築十月」Design Pavilion即將展開,台灣唯一受邀設計作品是由橙田建築室研所羅耕甫大師與光境玻璃合作的INFINITY REALM「光之國度」創藝設計展,預計2022年10月22-30日於美國紐約時代廣場盛大展出9天。


·INFINTY REALM world premiere in Tainan | 5/27-5/29
·New York Archtober Architecture and Design Celebration Exhibition | 10/22-10/30

·INFINTY REALM 「「光之國度」全球首展在臺南 | 5/27-5/29
·紐約Archtober建築及設計慶典展 | 10/22-10/30

More Events:
INFINTY REALM Creative Design Opening Exhibition
☛2022/05/27(Fri)-05/29(Sun) | Tainan Cultural Center Plaza
Light and Architecture Design Forum
☛2022/05/27(Fri) PM3:30 | Tainan Cultural Center (Conference room B1, International Hall)
New York Archtober Architecture and Design Celebration Exhibition
2022/10/22(Sat)-10/30(Sun) Ι New York, USA (Times Square)
☛2022/05/27(五)-05/29(日) | 台南市文化中心廣場
光·建築 設計論壇
☛2022/05/27(五)PM3:30 | 台南市文化中心(國際廳 B1 會議室)
2022/10/22(六)-10/30(日) Ι 美國紐約(時代廣場)

敬邀您親臨現場,共同參與INFINITY REALM「光之國度」創藝設計開幕展,為愛護地球一起努力。


In October this year, Mr. Luo was invited to exhibit with NYCxDESIGN at the Archtober Celebration in New York, USA. Archtober is an annual celebration of architecture and design in New York City, which is held from October 1st to 31st every year. Presented by the Architecture Center in partnership with more than 70 partners and sponsors, the festival features daily architectural tours and lectures by design experts, as well as architecture-themed competitions and parties.
羅先生今年10月受邀與NYCxDESIGN參與美國紐約Archtober慶典展出,Archtober是紐約市一年一度的建築和設計慶典,於每年10月1日至 31 日舉行。該藝術節由建築中心與 70 多個合作夥伴和讚助商合作舉辦,舉辦的活動包括設計專家的日常建築參觀和講座,以及以建築為主題的比賽和派對。
In this event, Mr. Lo mainly executes Design Pavilion's exhibition in Times Square, which is expected to be a 24-hour exhibition for two weeks. During the exhibition, Mr. Lo proposed a reflection on the future of extreme climate for every person on earth. At this moment, glass building materials account for a considerable proportion after the completion of the building. The use of glass materials is related to the penetration of the building and the external environment, but it is also an important factor in the energy consumption of the building.
在這個活動中,羅先生主要執行Design Pavilion在Times Square的展覽,預計是為期兩週的24小時展覽活動。在活動展出中,羅先生提出一個反思,每一個地球人對於極端氣候的未來所能夠因應的在這個當下,玻璃建築材料在建築物完成後佔了相當大的比例,玻璃材料的運用關乎建築物跟外環境空間的穿透性,卻也是建築物能耗的重要因素。


We Made a glass box standing in Times Square, so that ordinary people can understand that just a glass box can create a temperature difference of up to 8℃ indoors and outdoors, trying to let the feelers experience the glass material that may change the home space, which will reduce the home space. future energy consumption.
Energy-saving glass is an efficient and practical building material, which plays an irreplaceable role in building energy-saving systems. This energy efficient glass is suitable for extreme climates, cold regions and tropical regions.
The material of the ENERGY-SAVING GLASS will make the temperature difference between the inside and outside environment reach about 8℃. It can effectively adjust the effect of passing through the glass, and create a comfortable space environment with the energy consumption of life.
The energy problem has become one of the keys to deny the survival and development of human beings.Due to the heavy use of traditional energy sources, it has gradually dried up, and people will have to switch to green energy sources with higher costs, and the issue is becoming increasingly pertinent. Human progress may be because of science, but it also destroys the environment. In the future, we need to intervene to protect the environment to change the fate of mankind.
At the same time, Mr. Lo also reflected the thorny problem of a large amount of waste generated after a series of exhibitions around the world. The materials used in the glass box can almost be completely recycled and reused to meet the basic requirements of environmental sustainability. It is hoped that as an example for the participants in all future exhibitions.