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It is important to build connections between people and the environment, and strives for consistency in its designs, from architecture to interior design, and wishes the result is a harmonious environment where human life maintains contact with nature. Architecture can have a lot of sensibility and imagination, standardized regional cutting is no longer the only option, the fuzzy boundary makes the use of space as a whole more spacious and smooth, not only reduce the alienation of people, but also inclusive of the meaning of innovation without boundaries; expectations in the environment, architecture, space and people to create a close relationship.

2017 NEWS


International yearbook& Magazine

"Green Places Community Clubhouse" was awarded the design journal identity Issue 163 (April 2017).

Identity is a well-known design magazine by Motivate, a media publisher of the United Arab Emirates, and the only professional magazine in the region dedicated to contemporary design, interior, architecture and real estate development. The integrity of the report is highly praised by the professional design team, but also for the world 's design capital has provided all aspects of inspiration and advanced concept of the source.

V2COM is an influential international media network, Orangefield design works received V2COM Newswire release information promotion, increase the promotion to the global network of media exposure opportunities.



Design Portfolio

Every place has its own purpose, meaning, and culture. We design places that allow the people who live, work, and experience them to thrive. Our work is global, reaching across cultures and industries to create spaces that enhance the human experience.


Our desire to create is constantly energized by our passion of place. allowing our experienced team of designers to bring a fresh perspective to your personal vision through enduring architectural influences and classically beautiful design. In pairing this overall artistic sensibility with meticulous details and rich textures, you'll find yourself inspired by your interior spaces.

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